Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Waiting for Godot

Today was great. I have officially run over 6 miles in the last two days in preparation for my 5k on April 4th. :) i am going to run a marathon before i'm 30.

so about the title of my blog "Waiting for Godot": it's the title of an abursdist play written post-WWII. from my text, "Godot may represent God; more generally, though, Godot is anything and everything that human beings wait for during their lives." so this is my life, always waiting for the next good thing, and always doing it with hope.

Today i am grateful for: Ryan McLean's phone charger
today's best achievement was: getting sunburned
today i served: Brett by heart-attacking his car
today i grew closer to: Lehla Kaiser


  1. I like your blog. You will be interested to know that I have recently started running again, though not with any real goal. I need to get one because my motivation is fading fast. Good luck on your 5k, and I'll traing with you for your marathon then we can run it together.

  2. Hill, Waiting for Godot is such a great play. I was so glad when I saw you write a bit about it. I haven't seen the whole thing, just what the Mass Club performed last semester. But I feel in love with it immediately.

    Great to see that you're doing well. Alaska will be a bajillion times better than DC. That's what happens when you follow the Spirit, things are just better than you ever imagine they could be.