Wednesday, March 18, 2009

what the crrrrrrrrrrap??

Or maybe this could be home.....
Oh man, the curves that life throws. I knew something would be coming since everything was going so well. here's what happened: brett told me that his job in DC gurantees $10k a season.
With that money, i wouldnt have to worry about paying for italy at all. They pay travel (i would be driving instead of flying and we'd stop in Nauvoo :D ) i would be with brett, earning bank, getting a tan, learning life skills, going on a cruise, visiting new york, and securing my financial independence all in one summer. for right now, i am totally content not knowing what is going to happen. i am going to wait until i have decided either way and then act!

for aunt debbie: i havent been ignoring you! i just havent had time to write too much. here's the deal. i got a job in alaska for the summer working retail. i sounds super fun and just like a good experience, and all up until wednesday night was just planning on doing that. but now i have been offered this other job in dc, and am waiting to see what i think i should do. i have an appoitment with a career counselor on
monday. what it really comes down to is what will be the best option to facilitate my internship in italy in august? that is the most important thing in my life, that trip to italy (and shoes. shoes are that important too) so im stuck between two good choices, waiting for the lightning bolt to show me what to do.
maybe one of the cities will drop off into the sea in the next 2 days.

other things:
my article for the church news is coming along dandily. ill be photographing debra tomorrow.
i am in love with ray bradbury.

i am applying for a gazillion scholarships.
im going to divine comedy tonight!
i have officailly lost 122 pounds woot woot! (thats a lot.... thats like how much some of my roomies weigh)

ive gotten As on my last three tests (one was a 96% done all on faith)
i love running
i get to go to highland with Lehla today since i get off work early!

tender mercies left and right my friends. tender mercies....

today i would rather be: riding my bike and eating a popsicle
today i am writing: about a man--with a tail!
today could only be better if: some guy was willing to take a chance
today i would love: if the formatting i did to my blog would actually publish....


  1. WOW! is all I have to say. 122 lbs! A choice between DC and Alaska? I say a lot of this is from hard work mixed in with the tender mercies. Alaska would be way fun in the summer, but if you could secure your finances for Italy by going to DC I would vote for that. Plus they have very active YA wards there, one just for students on internships I believe, plus tons of stuff to do and visit. Plus you could probably buy shoes easier in DC! Go to Alaska when you can go there on vacation...
    PS I love your blog...

  2. thank you so much! i am in desperate need of all the advice i can get...

  3. Well, I obviously have to vote for DC since I LOVE DC. Such a great city.