Tuesday, March 24, 2009

mission: accomplished

i had decided to take the job in dc. i was ready to quit my job in alaska. i was planning for the trip, i was craving the money, and then i prayed. i had prayed about this a million times in the last week. i hadn't felt anything so i kept pursuing the route that i had determined. (another one of my life mottoes is that i get what i want--because i make it happen) then this morning, God finally let me know what He wanted. He needs me to go to alaska. now i have to learn about receiving a negative answer to a prayer. i never really have before, and it's rough. i want to go to dc, but i know im supposed to go to alaska. my mom asked if i am at peace with the decision. i am definitely, but that doesn't mean it's what i would have chosen ;) i guess overall i'm just grateful to have the gift of the Holy Ghost, so that i can know what i need to do. i'm so grateful to be lead by my Heavenly Father, and every time i've asked today 'are you sure?' He's said yes.

today i am excited about: seeing miriam's glasses
today i want: to study, study, study and forget about all of this
today i need to: align my will to His
today i was surprised by: how cold and sunny it can be at the same time


  1. Good for you! You can't go wrong getting your answers that way.

  2. I was dying to know what you would do. I remember Mom always telling us to do what we say we're going to do. I am so glad you are going to Alaska, for my own selfish reasons of being able to see you. I also have been indesperate need of some interior design advise!! We have to replace our wood floor, and now I'm wondering if we should redo the living room too in wood, and then all the succeeding projects that that would create. We just need some one who knows what she's talking about to give us some imput.

  3. thanks for commenting you guys! it makes my day :) van- that's so funny that you mention that about mom, that was her main reason for me not going to dc. i cant wait to get there are give some advice! i've consulted for bill and vince already too! lol sara asked but said she doesnt need me just yet because she doesnt have any furniture. lol but im having fun with it :) i was going to come see you anyway.