Sunday, March 22, 2009

life philosophies and updates

just thought i'd share one of my favorite photos by rodney smith. :D

i was reading some friend's blogs, and found that a lot of people talk about a bunch of deep thoughts, so here's a peak inside my head.
my two life philosophies are: (keep in mind these are things i have come up with all by myself. undoubtedly there are quotes, scriptures, etc that have changed who i am, but these are my creations :D)
1. never say no to another friend
2. the only people/ things that i don't like are the ones i don't know well enough
i love people! and i love becoming culturally literate. for example, when i didn't know what the iliad was, how could i know whether i liked it or not? but now that i've studied achilles and hector in all of thier glory, i love the homeric cycle!

someone who is really deep is my roommate, amanda. (here we are preparing to sleep in my office. [another story for another day...])
i think everyday she has some new nugget of introspective beauty to share with me. amanda's philosophical question of the day: what makes a best friend? for me it's the person that i am happiest around, and the person i miss most when we're apart. but i am interested in what other people think.
ok i don't want this to get too long, but quick life updates:

(for aunt mari:) i am taking a creative writing class for the second time, and since i know the professor now, he asked if i would be interested in writing an article for the church news. i said heck yes! and so i am working on getting published an article for the church humanitarian services about a woman whose life was changed by deseret industries. it's been an incredible experince :D

we got a new counselor in our bishopric today and a new stake pres last week.

i went to visit the wife of our ward's high counsel rep (sister lawton) in the icu today. she didnt look too great, but has definitely improved. it was really sad.

this week is going to be great.

today i lost: the best biore strip contest
today i would call myself: a roman stoic
today i forcast: snow
today i pray for: someone fragile

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  1. Thank you Hillary. Be sure and let us know when your article will be published so I can make extra copies and show it to everyone I know! I think I will pass on the Biore competition. Ick. (except if it's mine : )