Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday nights and personal grooming

i stayed up til 5 this morning.... and still i woke up at 9:30 and feel great. I started talking to brett over homemade orange julius (thanks bretty! SOOOOO good!!) and all of the sudden it was 3:30. then i came home and tried to break in through the window but katelyn was asleep on the couch. it was so funny, i thought she would think i was a murderer, but sadly she was much more cognizant than she should have been and she unlocked the door for me. good times. then the reasons why i stayed up even later: i washed my face, brushed my teeth, flossed, waxed my eyebrows, biored my nose (see below)read my scriptures and tried to get some guidance about this summer. i think i know what i'm going to do. answer 100% secure on tuesday.

i've been reading michael crichton's jurassic park. its way better than the movie and that's saying somethign since that is my favorite movie. k think about the movie, how the cars drive through and there are those big fences. it's different in the book. in the book, the roads are above the reserves and they look over into the animal exhibits. much better idea. anyway, im only about a 100 pages in, but i'll keep you posted on how it goes. 

earlier today i went to debra's house (she's the lady i am working on writing an article about.) i brought my good friend christine who is a professional photographer to take some shots of debra and she did such an incredible job. debra and christine totally hit it off too. what an incredible woman and incredible exerience in general.
i am so grateful.

the semester is almost over

today i could have: eatten less
today i was promised: wedding photography by christine armbruster
today i completed: grading my students' assignments
today i finally feel: appreciated 

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  1. "WORD UP!",--Everybody appreciates Hillary or if they don't they better start! By the way, what is this article for the Church News of which you speak?